Social Media: Our Disconnected Connection



You know the scenario. You’re out for lunch with a friend. You’re sitting across the table. Bursting with excitement. Itching to share your radical new job offer, or the details of your sexy new significant other. You dive head first with enthusiasm into your story. No stone left unturned. You come up for air, expecting to be met with the same energy you’ve put forth. Instead, a blank stares back at you. Phone in hand. Eyes glazed over. Your friend looks up from their IG news feed and nods silently. Absolutely no clue as to what you’ve just said. Instead of calling them out on their zombie-like trance, you reach for your own phone and start some scrolling of your own. Hey, if you can’t beat em, join em, right?


Is it not amusing that the social media platforms that were intended to connect us on a global level are also the same culprits of our complete disconnection? Am I alone when I say how hard it has become to engage in meaningful conversation with loved ones? When did we become so preoccupied with updating our statuses? In an effort to ‘be the change’, I’ve decided to do something about it. A little social media experiment if you will. Or rather, lack thereof.

For the next week, I intend to abstain from all social media activity. The purpose of this experiment is to see just how addicting these time fillers really are. I’m also interested to see how my productivity levels will increase, whether I am more engaged in conversation, and finally, if and how much more present, aware and connected I am in my everyday life.

So, until next week….. I bid you adieu.

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